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Access and manage your patient’s information with Cyfluent’s sophisticated, web-based electronic health record (EHR). Providers now have a cost-effective, secure, and scalable way to improve patient care from anywhere.

CyCHART supports chronic disease management, prescription management, computerized physician order entry (CPOE), interoperable encounter documentation, clinical flowcharts, structured and unstructured medical notes, and nutritional notes.

CyCHART Summary Page

The Summary page displays basic information about the patient and contains several aspects of patient history data such as Allergies, Prescriptions, Problems, Patient Health History, Family History, Personal Habits, Contacts, Patient Alerts, Body Measurements, previous Vitals, previous Encounters, Vision, Quality Indicators, and Insurance.

The Summary page can be customized to remove any section and/or display the sections in any order.

CyCHART Encounter PageEncounter mimics the paper note for ease of use making all sections of a progress note visible from one screen. Multiple Encounters for a patient can be opened simultaneously to quickly review previous problems. Clinicians can Document quickly and efficiently through customizable templates that can compose sentences and paragraphs according to selections and entries made during the encounter. Electronic orders and results management for prescriptions, labs and procedures are all included and accessible from inside the Encounter. CySCRIPT eRX operates with one click and enhances accuracy and patient satisfaction with automated checks for drug contraindications, dosing alerts, and generics.

Most other vendors in the healthcare practice solutions market rely on third party partners and software bridges between applications to provide for missing components within their given EHR/PM product line – making workflow integration and single vendor support difficult – or impossible.

Cyfluent owns all of its software and integrates all elements of practice workflow into one seamless product line, authored, sold, and supported by one company with no middleware to interfere with either workflow or vendor accountability.

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Cyfluent’s integrated document management solution allows for individual or batch scanning through the click of a single button. Scanned and imported digital images can be easily distributed in mass or individually to the appropriate patient chart.


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