Work From Anywhere

Remote Workplace/Telecommuting

Recently published research from found that an astounding 20 to 30 MILLION US corporate and government employees worked from home at least one day per week in 2012. Taken into context of another recent US News & World Reports analysis showing that telecommuters, on average, log 5 to 7 hours of work per week more than their in-office counterparts, telecommuters conservatively added 140 Million Hours of increased productivity to US Businesses in 2012.

And these gains aren’t just for the big businesses anymore…

With Remote Workplace & Telecommuter support from LANtek, your business doesn’t have to be left in the last millennium. Modern businesses, small and large, have embraced telecommuting as they search for innovative methods of enhancing employee productivity and retention of star talent.

LANtek has years of experience implementing remote workplace technologies like Remote Desktop Services from Microsoft, XenApp & XenDesktop from Citrix, and VMWare View.