Prevent Data Leakage


security-iconSafend Data Protection

Keep employees, partners and contractors in-line

The majority of security breaches and data thefts are inside jobs (Vista Research). Some of it is carelessness or, simply an affront by busy people, security can feel like an annoyance.

Safend Protector enforces your security strategy. It blocks users from connecting to unauthorized devices or using unauthorized interfaces (including portable hot spots).  And when the action is legitimate, it enforces encryption, automatically guiding the user through the process.


  • Security policies are preconfigured for specific regulatory compliance standards IE: PCI, HIPAA, & SOX
  • Forensic logs of all data moving in and out of your organization
  • Detects and restricts devices by device type, device model, or unique serial number
  • Prevents hybrid network bridging by blocking Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Modems, etc. while a PC is connected to the wired corporate LAN
  • Blocks or detects both USB and PS/2 hardware keyloggers
  • Blocks autorun on U3 USB drives while attached to your endpoints, protecting against auto-launch programs
  • Controls transfer of files both to and from external storage devices according to the file types
  • Encrypts data in motion on removable storage devices, external hard drives, and CD/DVDs
  • Tracks file transfers to/from Safend encrypted devices offline
  • Wi-Fi control by MAC address, SSID, or the security level of the network
  • Automatically synchronizes with Microsoft Active Directory and Novell eDirectory
  • Uses the same Safend agent for the entire product line.
  • You choose your security strategy; Protector implements it
  • Your employees can still share data easily includes auditing and logging provides accountability without restrictions

Data Protection

  • Simplicity
  • No compromises
  • Safend Data Protection Suite:
  • Endpoint Security, Data Leakage Protection, Disk Encryption, and Content Control
  • Endpoint Security:  Who has access to your critical data?

Safend Data Protection Suite protects organizations from data leakage and theft with a single solution providing granular device and port control, transparent hard disk encryption, removable media encryption and accurate content control.  The content control provides protection of sensitive data in use, data at rest, and data in motion without sacrificing employee productivity.

Security of data such as intellectual property, business plans, trade secrets, sensitive health records, financial information and social security numbers coupled with regulatory compliance for SOX, HIPAA, PCI, & FISMA.

Call or click here to learn how LANtek can assist your organization in preventing loss of critical data whether it is malicious intent, accidental and simply to assure compliance. LANtek is an authorized Safend partner, and has installed and supported Safend solutions in companies in central and eastern PA.