Secure Wi-Fi & PT to PT Solutions

Wi-Fi/Mesh Wireless

Wireless technology isn’t just a convenience anymore, it’s an expectation.

Whether for your own private, secured internal use or for the convenience of your business’s patrons, we have an expectation of wireless access everywhere we go in our “always on” world.

LANtek offers a full range of Cisco wireless products and professional installation services to accommodate the needs of your business and desires of your customers. LANtek’s Wireless Solution Designers will help determine what wireless technology is best for your business whether it’s a single secured wireless access point or a coordinated wireless mesh that blankets your business campus. Contact LANtek to arrange an onsite survey.


Long Range Point-to-Point Wireless

Sometimes running a cable or paying for a new internet connection to a secondary site just isn’t feasible. LANtek specializes in long-range “point-to-point” wireless systems that can connect two physical locations together wirelessly.

Using carrier class equipment, the same equipment your cell phone company uses, LANtek can design a point-to-point wireless system for your business that will connect buildings across the street, across town, or even 100 miles away! Modern point-to-point wireless technology can extend your telephone system with Voice over IP (VoIP) support, transmit data at speeds as fast as a wired network connection, and can even bridge the gap in situations where “line of sight” doesn’t exist.

Contact an Account Manager at LANtek to discuss your options.