BeyondRAID Network Storage


iSCSI storage array with multi-host support making it ideal for small-to-medium businesses (SMBs) and departments looking to consolidate storage across multiple servers

iSCSI storage array designed for small and medium business (SMB) IT that delivers the technical sophistication usually reserved for more expensive enterprise solutions.

Featuring up to twelve-drive capacity and a modular hardware design, it provides the requisite scalability and availability for today’s virtualized environments.

Drobo delivers features and performance traditionally reserved for more expensive solutions.

Drobo fileshare products have storage array drives  with integrated backup specifically designed to address the file sharing and offsite backup needs of small businesses.

Drobo are rackmountable or desktop drive storage array that protects against two simultaneous drive failures. Capacity expands by adding/replacing drives. Connect to server via iSCSI/FireWire800/USB.

Drobo BeyondRAID technology allows mixing different sized drives without sacrificing capacity.

If you are looking for Storage without Limitations you need to look at DROBO BeYondRAID technology.

If you are looking at HP, Dell, EMC/Iomega, Synology, QNAP, Netgear, or Buffalo click here for a comparison.

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