End Point Security


Safend Data Protection Suite

Endpoint Security, Data Leakage Protection, Disk Encryption, and Content Control Endpoint Security: Who has access to your critical data?

Your network security threat is multiplied by the number of individual ports, interfaces, and devices connected to your network every day. It’s simply too easy for employees, partners, and even executives to connect a USB memory stick, digital camera, CD/DVD, MP3 player or Smartphone and walk away with sensitive or confidential material. Beyond malicious intent, your removable media containing mission-critical information is easily lost, misplaced, or accidentally exposed via connectivity to unsecured public wireless networks.

Safend Data Protection Suite protects organizations from data leakage and theft with a single solution providing granular device and port control, transparent hard disk encryption, removable media encryption and accurate content control. The content control provides protection of sensitive data in use, data at rest, and data in motion without sacrificing employee productivity.

The Threat-Endpoint Data Leakage

Security of data such as intellectual property, business plans, trade secrets, sensitive health records, financial information and social security numbers coupled with regulatory compliance for SOX, HIPAA, PCI, FISMA & DPA in the UK requires organizations to maintain ongoing visibility.

The Challenge

Effective Endpoint Data Protection

The Solution

Safend Data Protection Suite


Safend Auditor

Identifies all devices currently or historically connected to your endpoints via USB, Firewire, PCMCIA, or WiFi ports.

Safend Protector

Block or encrypt data transferred to external media and devices (CD/DVD, USB, Firewire, etc.) and block connections to unsecure wireless networks

Safend Discoverer

Locate and map sensitive data stored on your endpoints.

Safend Inspector

Inspect, classify, filter and block leakage of sensitive data through email, IM, Web, external storage, printers and more.

Safend Encryptor

transparently protect and encrypt your laptops and PC’s. File based solution, which encrypts in the background, without affecting use productivity.

Safend Reporter

Generate graphical regulatory compliance reports and security log summaries.
Safend’s robust, ultra-secure solutions, available through LANtek, are easy to manage, almost impossible to circumvent, and guarantee connectivity and productivity without sacrificing security.

LANtek is an authorized Safend partner, and has installed and supported Safend solutions in companies in central and eastern PA. Call to learn how LANtek can customize a Safend solution for your business or organization.