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HP ProtectTools Online Security

September 30, 2014 » News

hp-protect-toolsIf you worry about your online security, look no further than Hewlett-Packard’s “HP Protect Tools” (powered by DigitalPersona).  HP Protect Tools is security suite pre-installed on all HP Business Notebooks & Tablets.  Protect Tools Security Suite secures your laptop, your data, and your passwords.  There is no need to remember all of your passwords.  Automatically log in to password protected websites by swiping a finger across the fingerprint scanner or smiling at the web camera!  You can require multi-phase authentication (more than just a password) for anyone using your laptop by requiring any combination of password, fingerprint, or facial recognition authentication.

HP Protect Tools includes drive encryption to protect your personal data and file sanitization that can permanently delete information from the drives.  Privacy Manager can encrypt your emails and instant messaging conversations.  Device Access Manager prevents unauthorized copying of files to removable drives.  When paired with a subscription of Computrace, your device can even be tracked if it’s stolen and wiped of data if it is irretrievable!  More than 30,000 stolen Computrace-enabled laptops have already been recovered by law enforcement agencies around the world!

Businesses can add DigitalPersona Pro Workgroup or Enterprise Centralized Management to enable the management of mobile workforce security policies and protection of sensitive proprietary information from a secure web-based management console.

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