Back In Business In Minutes

Backup & Disaster Recovery

LANtek’s CPR Data is an incredible disaster recovery service.

This service provides disaster recovery protection levels previously available only to the largest enterprises, and does so at a price point which is affordable to any data dependent small business. CPR Data is literally the only disaster recovery solution of its kind. No other disaster recovery solution can protect your business like LANtek’s CPR Data Service. CPR Data becomes even more affordable when you consider the fact that it replaces and improves upon your existing backup solution for FREE. Contact LANtek for your free checklist to make sure your current disaster recovery solution isn’t leaving you vulnerable.

CPR DATA: Because Protection from Data Loss or a Lengthy of Downtime is Critical to Your Companies’ Survival.

  • Continuity data Protection and system Restoration when your vital systems flat line.
  • Affordable Backup and Disaster Recovery for Small to Medium sized corporations.
  • VIRTUALIZE- instant on-site and off-site virtualization.  Server hardware fails over to a Virtual Server in minutes.
  • Recover lost data in minutes.
  • Eliminate tape backup with disk to disk backup with block based backups performed every 15 minutes. Save money on backup software as well!
  • Recovery can be done to new and dissimilar hardware or virtual infrastructure.
  • Where there is total Facility Catastrophic Loss your data and a ready to deploy appliance is shipped overnight enabling your organization to operate while your infrastructure is rebuilt.
  • Replicate data to the Cloud in geographically diverse data centers utilizing AES 256 encryption.