Second Generation EHS


CyFluent’s approach represents so much more than “software for physicians.”  The design, delivery, and support represent the evolution of practice management services.  Market expectations are redefined by combining 2nd Gen EHS and cloud-based computing for total practice management with old fashioned choices, service, and VALUE.    

Introducing Physician/Patient Ecosystem!

EHS integrates your administrative and clinical process on one system for streamlined patient care.

CyFluent EcosystemWhat is Second Generation EHS?

2nd Gen EHS establishes a new EHR purchase experience

Try before you buy, incredibly affordable, no upfront costs, no long-term contracts, “own your data” – no data conversion fees, no “forced training” – free training choices.

2nd Gen EHS is about accessibility – access your information from anywhere at any time from any device

Removes the need for heavy IT infrastructure – no backup, use an iPad, use your existing network, use your smart phone!

2nd Gen EHS reduces clinician training  curve

Physicians report ability to complete full daily documentation & workflow by second day of use – accomplished with our unique “VP” design

2nd Gen EHS reduces data entry & increases clinician efficiency

Cyfluent introduces the concept of “virtual paper” (VP) to the clinician – the entire chart is presented as “paper” – special data entry tools & “learned behaviors” are presented via simple touches or clicks in the chart

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●  Cyfluent EHS Ecosystem

Just The Facts

  • Hardware agnostic
  • Data is saved to cloud
  • Fast, Reliable, Secure
  • Use on any Device
  • No Contracts
  • Fully Scalable

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Cyfluent Certifications 

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