Server Migration & Virtualization

Server Migration & Virtualization

PlateSpin VMwareWant to speed up your server consolidation, hardware migration and disaster recovery initiatives?

LANtek’s family of solutions from our Partner PlateSpin allow organizations to adopt, manage and extend their use of server virtualization in the data center. With support for physical and virtual machines, as well as images, LANtek’s Mobil Server PlateSpin Migration Solution provides us the ability to improve the quality of your server consolidation, deliver fast server consolidation, hardware migration and disaster recovery initiatives.

LANtek has successfully used PlateSpin to implement a virtual disaster recovery solution for a local insurance company’s mission critical servers.

LANtek’s Mobil Server PlateSpin Migration Solutions allow you to accomplish the following:

  • Server Consolidation
  • Disaster Recovery
  • End-of-Lease Hardware Migrations
  • Virtual Infrastructure Management
  • Dynamic Server Provisioning
  • Virtual Infrastructure Management
  • Data Center Relocation
  • Reduce the cost and time to complete all of the above tasks!

PlateSpin’s RECON is a sophisticated workload analysis, planning and management solution that provides new levels of intelligence, visual analysis and forecasting for optimizing the data center.

PlateSpin’s MIGRATE product migrates server workloads over the network between physical servers, virtual hosts and image archives.

PlateSpin’s PROTECT protects and rapidly recovers whole server workloads including data, applications and operating systems – all from a single point of control.

PlateSpin’s FORGE Appliance

  • Consolidate workloads for a 10 to 1 or 25 to 1 workload protection ratio
  • Power on recovery workloads with a single click
  • Rapidly restore workloads to the same or different hardware
  • Quickly run DR “fire drills” to test restore times and disaster readiness
  • Easily monitor and report on key replication and recovery functions
  • Improve RTO (Recovery Time Objectives) and RPO (Recovery Point Objectives) without costly hardware/software redundancy
  • Gain single pane of glass visibility across multiple appliances
  • Recover multiple workloads using a single recovery appliance

NOTE: Workload definition – Server’s data, applications and OS – for physical as well as virtual systems.

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