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HP ProtectTools Online Security

September 30, 2014 » News

If you worry about your online security, look no further than Hewlett-Packard’s “HP Protect Tools” (powered by DigitalPersona).  HP Protect Tools is security suite pre-installed on all HP Business Notebooks & Tablets.  Protect Tools Security Suite secures your laptop, your data, and your passwords.  There is no need to remember all of your passwords.  Automatically log in to password protected websites by swiping a finger across the fingerprint scanner or smiling at the web camera!  You can


Microsoft Windows XP Support is over!

September 18, 2014 » News

Microsoft stopped supporting Windows XP operating system on April 8, 2014!  This means if you still have a computer running Windows XP, it is no longer receiving software updates, and hasn’t for almost 6 months!  These include security updates that protect your computer from harmful viruses & spyware and other malicious software.  Protect yourself and your information by replacing your computer!  


Microsoft ending XP support!

February 6, 2014 » News

Are you ready for the end of Microsoft XP?  LANtek is here to help you with this transition. What you need to know! If you have any computers on your network still running Microsoft XP your data will be at risk on April 8, 2014.  This is the day that Microsoft will stop the support of it’s XP operating system.  The computers you have still running the XP operating system will no longer receive software updates.  These


Nuance Launches a New Version of It’s Award Winning Software, Dragon Medical Practice Edition

June 11, 2013 » News

Nuance Communications, Inc. has announced the release of Dragon Medical Practice Edition v2, the latest iteration of its award-winning medical speech recognition software. Dragon Medical Practice Edition v2 offers a 20% increase in medical dictation accuracy over the previous version.  More than 30 new medical specialties are included with this latest edition, increasing the number of supported medical specialties to more than 90. In addition to including support for computers and tablets running the Microsoft Windows 8


Apple Certified

April 30, 2013 » News

LANtek is now Apple certified as an Apple Consultants Network solution provider for Mobility products. Our engineers were trained on Apple’s MDM (Mobile Device Management) tools which provide faster and easier to manage mass roll-out solutions for mobile software imaging and asset management of mobile devices. Customers can also go to LANtek’s web site to purchase the full Apple product line. Business customers desiring to purchase in bulk should contact LANtek with the details in order to


Postini to Google Apps

March 20, 2013 » News

Google has announced that all Postini customers must migrate to Google Apps, which includes a paralyzed version of Postini or terminate their contract upon expiration and move to another vendor. If you are using Postini and need a new email protection service, LANtek can help you migrate from Postini to McAfee MX Logix Email Protection and Continuity Service. Contact Us today!


Windows 8 & Lenovo Tablet 2

February 15, 2013 » News

Lenovo Tablet 2 is a great product from Lenovo. This tablet has a 10.1” screen, runs a full Windows 8 Operating system which means it can run a full version of Microsoft Office. Included is a Full-sized USB port, Mini-HDMI port and MicroSD card, and a WLAN port.  Keyboard and digitizer pen are optional accessories. Great for the business person on the go that needs more than traditional tablets can provide. Contact LANtek today and learn how we can


Quickaccess on HP Smart Zero Clients

January 12, 2013 » News

QuickAccess can run on HP Smart Zero Clients in all medical settings using a remote desktop program such as Citrix, Microsoft Terminal Server and VM Ware. Swiping your ID badge to a reader will log you into your desktop anywhere in the facility. LANtek can offer HP Smart Zero Clients to enable a seamless transition to a virtualized solution for your facility. With Zero Technology, at each boot up, the HP T 410 & T610 automatically identifies