Securely Transfer Large Files

Large File Transfer

Large File Transfer LogosEmail is a primary means of communication in our modern world

We have all used email to send files to others. Unfortunately, email wasn’t designed with the capacity or security to handle large files that today’s devices create or to protect the sensitive data we sometimes need to send. If you’ve ever tried to send a large PowerPoint presentation, dozens of pictures from your digital camera, or CAD/GIS files from work you’ve likely experienced an undeliverable email; Thwarted by the size of the attachment.

Whether you are sending personal financial information to your bank or large files to a co-worker, email isn’t always enough. LANtek has a solution.

LANtek offers several Large & Secure File Transfer solutions to overcome attachment limit issues and security concerns when emailing private information. As an authorized reseller of the Biscom BDS system and Citrix ShareFile solution, a LANtek Representative can help determine which file transfer solution will provide the capacity and security your company needs.

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