100% Guaranteed

Refurbished Equipment

LANtek’s IT Asset Recovery & Recycling Group handles the disposition of 1,000’s of used PC’s for many of the largest corporate entities in Pennsylvania.

This LANtek Eco-Friendly program provides organizations the ability to maximize the reuse or recycling of all PC products after being replaced by new machines.

These laptops, desktops, printers and network products are cleaned, tested, refurbished to the original factory specifications and as an authorized Microsoft Refurbisher a “Genuine Microsoft OS license” is installed to assure quality and continued security updates.

LANtek makes these machines available in “A” and “B” grade versions, the “B” units may have some observable cosmetic blemishes, but they will not affect performance.

Consumers and businesses of all sizes can acquire these refurbished PCs at fantastic low prices including a hardware warranty and 100% satisfaction of your money back guarantee.

The Refurbished PCs are on display in our facility in Kutztown, PA or they can be purchased online at www.buyusedpcs.com


For more information about refurbished PCs or our IT Asset Recovery and Recycling program please call us at 610-683-6883 or click here for more information about the program.