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It’s time to sever the cord!

The microphone cord, that is. Whether you’re a doctor on the go, an inspector in the field, or an officer in a patrol car, your dictations don’t need to wait for the office anymore. Increase your productivity by turning your Smart Phone into a wireless recording device!

LANtek is proud to offer the affordable Philips SpeechExec Pro Mobile Dictation Suite for Smart Phones. Licensed users can download the Philips Mobile Dictation app on their iPhone, Android, or Blackberry and have their dictations instantly uploaded to a transcriptionist for typing or to a Speech Recognition system like Dragon NaturallySpeaking for automatic processing.

The Philips SpeechExec Pro Dictate software delivers dictations created on Smart Phones, Digital Recorders, and stationary PCs to a single transcription module for processing.  Finished documents and their original companion audio recordings can be edited, saved, emailed, and exported to any document management software including medical EMR/EHR systems.

A FREE 30-Day Trial is available for Smart Phone owners. Contact LANtek today to get started!

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